Our mission

Humane’s mission is to encourage people to appreciate the blessing of water and to increase the pleasure of using Hume’s milk lanterns as well as displaying the values ​​of a domestic product using the world’s technical knowledge of both issues. Design and design in accordance with the need and beauty in design. In this way, the products of the above process provide the possibility of installing high quality components and accessories, resulting in huge benefits such as saving water and energy resources for stakeholders and from a macro perspective for the economy of the country. It will come with the precise control of consumables from the best suppliers inside and outside It is ensured that the quality of the products manufactured is in full conformity with the international standards related to the product and that the health of the consumers is guaranteed. In order to increase the efficiency of the facilities available to improve the quality of the staff, Humane is currently the manufacturer of construction fittings, unique fittings with replaceable and non-destructive sanitary facilities, colored and electronic valves.