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  • Enter the property amount per square meter
  • Send a copy of your Business license
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Terms of obtaining sales representative

– Sufficiency, good reputation and lack of criminal record

– Having enough experience in sales and after sales services

– Ownership of the license, together with the ownership of the store

– The lease of a store is subject to the provision of a five year nursing lease and an applicant’s obligation not to move the store for 3 years after the opening.

– The ability to provide property collateral or bank guarantee as stated by the company

– Having a store with an area of at least 20 square meters with a width of 5 meters

– Availability of warehouse and facilities for optimal product maintenance

Required Documents

– Copy Proof

– Copy of birth certificate, national card and end-of-service card

– Three pieces of photo 4 * 3 from the applicant

– A copy of the 5 year old Notarized Patent or Registration Letter of Sale

– Several pieces of photo from inside and outside of the shop

– Completing and submitting the application form

In order to obtain representation, please fill in the following form carefully so that our colleagues will contact you as soon as possible.