Built-in model

Built-in valves have a lot of technical and qualitative advantages over ordinary valves. Due to the fact that they are placed inside the wall, they have a safe and secure protection against possible damage. These valves are more efficient than classical valve gates. The lever provides a better satisfaction to the user, and at the same time, due to the inherent characteristics of this product, in comparison to the classical valve levers, it creates a very beautiful and different space in the bathroom’s sanitary facilities and so on. Now Homan’s valves are producing valves Built in various models and bridges with unique technical specifications worldwide Fumes.

  • Artimis model

    type 4-B series

  • Armeria model

    Type4-B series

Benefits of Built-in Houman Valves:

A. In all existing appliances in the market, if there is a breakdown or water leakage, the consumer must, in order to remedy the defect, bring the valve inside the wall. It is necessary to replace the mixer wall, which will cause the mechanism The interior is damaged by the impact of carving, and the consumer has to replace the damaged product in addition to the cost of wall, tile and construction failures. Built-in hollow milk without any wall damage and only with the opening of 4 nuts, it is removed from the wall and after the defect is repaired again at no cost.

B- In order to prevent water penetration into the wall in the built-in hollow valve, a diaphragm rubber and a retaining metal plate that prevents water from penetrating into the wall and causing breakdowns that occur in similar samples in the market ( Internal and external brands) are not embedded.

C – Steel Hume plaque frame is also fitted with a screw, completely adheres to the wall and prevents the water from entering into the blender, but in the samples available in the market, the plaque frame is always far from the wall surface.

D. In the market samples, a directional unit (valve or diverter) is used to convey water to the hull. Regarding water grids, causing malnutrition in the valve and causing problems such as reducing water pressure, blocking outlets, or breaking the valve on the trunk. However, this is solved in the internal valve of Human by removing the valve, so that the direction is embedded in the original cartridge, so that other water deposits do not cause such problems.